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Many of us struggle with the pressures and endless expectations of today's society, we are worn out, stressed, anxious and fragmented. We are seeking lasting change for our lives. It is my belief that our bodies and our minds are calling out for wellness. Through healthy relationships, proper nutrition, exercise, flexibility and open communication and connection with our community, we can find such balance and health.

Holistic counseling therapy providesinsight and balanced perspectiveon these inherent struggles and challenges we encounter in life. Benefits of working from a holistic health perspective include a well rounded look into the various aspects of health; i,e, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual and environmental.

In holistic counseling therapy we explore beyond the presenting problem and immediate symptoms to find what lies beneath, at the source. In addition to looking beyond the symptoms, holistic counseling therapy provides an avenue to create whole body and mind changes through teaching us to become mindful,conscientiousand empathic beings, through evidence based techniques for lasting change.

If you are seeking emotional balance and wholeness in your life, holistic counseling can assist you. I encourage clients to pursue possibilities and opportunities, to change what they can and accept what they cannot, and to engage honestly in the dilemmas of contemporary life. Whether you are stressed out, experiencing depression, seeking guidance in slowing down or desiring balance of mind and body, I work with you where you are at, setting goals toward a more integrated you. I provide a combination of services uniquely tailored to help you create the change you desire for your life. I specialize in couples and marriage counseling by bringing couples to a neutral ground to discuss their needs and hopes.

I was always looking outside of myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within, it was there all the time. Anna Freud

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